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Long time happy EvaSys customer who has very successfully improved academic engagement and reporting with EvaMetrics.

Alistair Robertson
Alistair Robertson

Deputy Principal and Dean of Learning and Teaching University of Abertay

Amazing results with over 50% response rate across the university. EvaMetrics Online has empowered our module leaders to engage and feedback to student based upon their opinions in days rather than months.

Osama Khan-2
Osama Khan

Pro Vice Chancellor, Solent University Southampton

Our module leaders have sent through 60,000 student reports including actions to improve the module over the last 18 months. Our response rates make reporting meaningful and valuable to module leaders and the executive team.

Dr. Jonathan Eaton

Academic Registrar Teesside University

We've helped 80+ universities in the UK and Ireland to successfully gain valuable insight from their students bringing the student voice into effective quality enhancement.




We are Achievability.

We are a full service higher education survey, evaluation and analytics company with a vision to transform the higher education sector in the UK.

Achievability brings together a range of unique software applications under one umbrella to help HEIs gain a better understanding of every aspect of their organisation through the collection, management and analysis of survey outcomes .

More About Us

Evasys - Survey Evaluation Software
EvaMetrics - Data Analytics Suite
EvaExam - Exam & Assessment Tool



Gain and understand valuable feedback for effective module evaulation, including content, learning resources, readings, assessment and feedback, allowing students to meet specified learning requirements.



Review and innovate teaching and learning practices with the collection of data about the experience of students assurance that your sector delivers value to students, wider society and the economy.


of Teaching

Develop, measure, and sustain teacher effectiveness with a better understanding of important aspects such as how quality teaching operates, how it drives learning, and how effectiveness evolves as teachers progress through their careers.



Raise awareness, visibility, institutional profile, and reputation in order to gain a strong competitive advantage by understanding how your institution differentiates from next with valuable data to support decision-making

Key Solutions and Features


Hybrid Survey/Exam Data Capture:

Many organisations struggle with capturing high response rates rendering their efforts to gain insight from students meaningless.  As Achievability is powered by EvaSys, we offer the option to work with paper or online surveys  as a native functionality. The majority of our customers utilise a combination of both paper and online in order to insure statistical reliability in their reporting.

Full Connectivity to Student Systems:

Getting the data in the right shape and being able to report effectively in an automated way requires full connectivity.  We offer a Restful API interface that allows central or local administrators access to predefined data sets and an interface to confirm data accuracy for use in further survey creation. Additionally, we have full LTI connectivity for interfacing with Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's). Specific profiles and permissions can be defined through Single Sign  On Attributes. 


Sentiment Analysis and Abusive Language Filters

One of the benefits of going online is that student comments can be made available for text analytics to identify sentiment, thematic trending as well as sanitised of abusive language. Achievability, is committed as a core innovation focus to triangulate structured (quantitative) as well as unstructured (Qualitative) data. EvaMetrics offers Sentiment Analysis, Comment Categorisation, Thematic Analysis, Language Filters and the ability to remove the mention of named teaching staff.

National Benchmarking (MBE Module Benchmark) 

Our community of 80+ UK universities benefits from our ability to augment their rich internal module evaluation data through our MBE Benchmark engine. All other national benchmark data available in the sector offer comparison at programme level. The MBE National Benchmark makes it possible to identify excellence in a particular programme or subject area as well as the ability to pin point which modules are contributing to the programmes success in comparison with like for like modules being offered at other universities within our community.    

Advanced Programme Analysis and Aggregate Reporting

Achievability offers through Core EvaSys as well as Dynamic Analytics in EvaMetrics the ability to aggregate up module results to the programme in comparison with other factors such as previous semesters etc. Additionally, EvaMetrics can report on the responses of specific cohorts of students  as to their opinions within the module itself.







...Make more informed decisions.

Universities, colleges and training providers are increasingly choosing EvaSys survey automation software for their course evaluation, module evaluation, and general benchmarking for HEI's to improve course content, and develop teaching staff and learning environments.



 ...Gain actionable insight into students’ needs


The best way for UK HEIs to gain a better understanding of their students’ views, achieve teaching quality goals and an excellent TEF ranking using a cloud-based survey and analytics product platform that brings together a range of unique educational software applications under one umbrella.

...Transform the way you run and manage exams and assessments 

Supporting every stage of the examination and assessment process, from creation to reporting and grading. EvaExam saves time and resources by allowing the easy creation of exams, assessments, tests and quizzes using an advanced design and reporting application. 

Join the majority of UK HEI's and see how easy it is to measure, monitor and improve standards at your institution.