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The ‘student’ as an empowered highly interested stakeholder

The student as a consumer? The next steps for student experience and quality assurance in universities Many lecturers – quite rightly proud of the standard of teaching offered by their institution – may baulk at the . . .

HEI Online course evaluation software Achievability paper data collection paper surveys

6 Key Things to Consider When Managing Paper Based Course Evaluations

Many higher and further education organisations are unable to provide computers in every class or provide online surveys in computer labs for logistical reasons. For that reason paper based ‘in-class’ surveys are the . . .

HEI Online course evaluation software Achievability survey product

5 Key Claims to Watch Out For When Selecting a Survey Product for Automating Course Evaluations

Many organisations struggle in choosing the best methodology for running course evaluations and other survey projects necessary in driving quality enhancement and strategic planning efforts. In fact there is no easy . . .

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Electric Paper UK now trading as Achievability

Exciting news! After over a decade of working with higher education institutions, Electric Paper UK is transforming into something more relevant and representative of the industry we are so successful in helping. Due to . . .

Data Collection HEI Survey Fatigue Nonresponse in Social science survey Survey

Survey Fatigue – A Danger to Teaching and Learning Excellence

No data is just as bad as bad data. The digital age ushered in ease in survey creation. Now anybody can set up a survey in a matter of minutes; that’s both a blessing and a curse.The ease of survey creation has made . . .

HEI Survey Fatigue Survey response rate ways

Underused Ways to Improve Your Survey Response Rate

  Many HEIs are having a hard time getting students to complete survey forms mostly due to survey fatigue. In fact, some HEIs have resorted to "blackmailing" students in that they make it compulsory for students to fill . . .

Survey Fatigue Survey priority

Why Survey Fatigue Should Be Top Priority in HEIs

Data is one of the greatest assets of any educational institution. Data is the building block for virtually every decision taken in HEs so it becomes even dangerous to even think of the effect bad data could have on the . . .

Survey Fatigue Survey

Defining Survey Fatigue

Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking a deep look into survey fatigue in HEIs.  Discussions will revolve around defining survey fatigue, causes and of course reccomendations on how it can be curbed. In this article, . . .

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