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Southampton Solent University engages with EvaSys

April 20, 2019 09:33 PM

The Pod Solent University

Module evaluation implementation and policy

New to the Achievability community, Solent University has now run two full semesters going fully online for module evaluation utilising Evasys and EvaMetrics. Along with the full university implementation, Solent learning and teaching team has implemented clear policy that has inspired active participation in module evaluation from module leaders, teaching staff and students.

"We are very encouraged by the consistently high response rates which indicate the power of the achievability solution as well as the excitement and adoption of academic staff in the process. Remarkably, we have been able to maintain above 50% response rates across the university since implementation and I am hoping to further increase response rates going forward.  Osama Khan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Students and Teaching, Southampton Solent University.     

Increased engagement and response rates through Student Reporting

There is a systematic focus on engagement with students through reflective reporting within EvaMetrics meaning students can now see for the first time specific resulting actions being considered and acted upon based upon their feedback immediately following the completing of the survey.  EvaMetrics 'closing the loop' student reporting includes reflective actions and resulting changes from the module leader. 

Guidance for encouraging student participation through 'in class' online module evaluation 

Part of the success of the roll out of EvaSys Online is the clear guidance provided by the learning and teaching team which include video resources for staff as well as a video message that is shown to students prior to the completion the survey in class.

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