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Teesside University Case Study

October 4, 2018 10:02 AM

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In November 2017, Teesside University launched a revised approach to the design and delivery of module evaluations, supported by the implementation of the EvaSys online module evaluation system. The adoption of EvaSys contributes to the delivery of an outstanding student and learning experience, in alignment with the Learning and Teaching Strategy, through informing the enhancement of learning and teaching across the University. This approach is particularly innovative in establishing module evaluations as the foundation of an overarching institutional quality framework.

Dr. Jonathan Eaton (Academic Registrar) recently presented at our Advance Survey Analytics Seminar, he spoke about University of Teesside’s experience using EvaMetrics.

The motives for implementing EvaMetrics at Teesside University were firstly introducing both a consistent and cohesive approach to evaluation, gathering intelligence on key institutional initiatives and introducing timely interventions in response to student feedback.

The EvaMetrics components assist the university in reducing the burden on teaching staff as well as aligning the institution with their institutional ‘Student Voice’ campaign. Module evaluation is carried out once per semester which produces the Institutional report seen by the Academic Board at the end of each year. The institutional overview is underpinned by a range of reports provided by the Schools, Academic Registry, Research and Innovation Services and Academic Enterprise, which utilise data drawn from module evaluations.

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Questions asked by Teesside University as part of the evaluation in order to gain better understanding of the students views are as listed:





    • Staff have made the subject interesting
    • I have received helpful and informative feedback on my work on this module so far
    • Feedback has helped me develop and improve my learning
    • This module challenged me to do my best work
    • This module is well organised
    • This module has provided me with experience that could be applicable to the workplace
    • I have been able to access module-specific resources (e.g. equipment, facilities, software, collections) when I needed to
    • I have had the right opportunities to provide feedback on this module
    • Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this module.

Teesside University use the Closing the Loop and Module Review components of EvaMetrics to enhance analysis and reporting of student responses, closing the evaluation report for students has shown to be both engaging and effective. Dr. Jonathan Eaton explained that the results report is sent to Module Leader who then completes the Module Reflections, these are then sent to students, and following on the Module Leader completes the Module Review that is shared with the Course Leader leading to an increased engagement of academics and other stakeholders in the evaluation process.


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Module Leaders are asked to reflect on the following questions in the student-facing Module Reflection:

    • The areas of good practise you identified through the evaluation were:
    • The areas for development you identified through the evaluation were:
    • As a result of your feedback we will take the following actions:

Module Leaders are asked to reflect on the following questions within the Module Review report for their Course Leader:

    • Please outline areas of good practice identified through the evaluation, including how these will be shared more widely.
    • Please outline areas for development identified through the evaluation.
    • Please list the actions arising from the survey results, including the lead for each action, timescales and any resource implications.

Dr. Jonathan Eaton emphasized the importance of internal communications, realistic timescales for implementation, effective staff support, integrated infrastructure and close liaison with academic Schools to ensure success in the evaluation process.

‘We awarded Achievability the contract in July 2017, we were up and running in time for a full roll out for Module Evaluation and Executive Aggregate reporting through EvaSys by November. Achievability has not only exceeded expectations in support, they have been true partners in our implementation of policy and practise to strengthen the student voice through module evaluation and data analytics.’  - Dr. Jonathan Eaton



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